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A couple of pensioners angrily tapped me on the shoulder when I approached her from behind and asked if you were ill? She glanced around slightly and, recognizing me, said nothing. At the same time, the exciting smell of her female body hit me, which confirmed my guesses, she had just finished. This went on for about two stops. During this time, my friend repeatedly tried to take a fighting position, and only with incredible efforts did I keep him in check, trying to keep him away from the buttocks of this beauty.
I chewed my lip thoughtfully.
“Look, what a big bed, just a fucker,” she laughed. “We both fit perfectly here.
Oh, and today is Friday.
I am a scorpion, on this straight line as the corner of the house.
Just kidding, I'm a fool, they don't do anything to me if I don't want to. Well, of course, bunny, I only want you now, don't worry. Yes, the boss did not pester me much. Well, I can’t drive him out of his own office, he is so caring, he gives such gifts, and in the country he paid all his attention to me. I also pulled off his panties so that he knew what it was like to walk without panties. Yes, he did not offend me, hare, everything is fine. We played dogs with him on the couch, so much fun, I ran away, and he, like a real dog, either rubs his leg, or jumps on top, caresses, tries to lick, well, at least he didn’t bite :) Kitty, well, dogs are usually naked too, Yes, we were just fooling around, I liked it. Well, of course, I ran away, or rather crawled away, but you can’t really hide on the couch. Well, he poked something with his sausage when he climbed on top. Oh well, right away into the holes where he fell, he poked there like a dog. I wonder if dogs take it in their mouths? I just asked. Oh well, just sex, they just played fun, they just tried to make it realistic, they didn’t even really finish, not like him. Yes, he always ends up with me, the disease is probably sperm incontinence, it splashes and I go sticky, but then everything dries up by itself, that you don’t even have to wash, don’t get angry. Well, we played dogs, but this time I had to lick everything where I got it, and wipe the rest. What wasn't needed? Kitty, well, I didn’t know, dogs always try to lick. I won't do it again, don't be offended. But then he generally got sick and, in honor of Friday, invited all the girls from the company to the sauna, can you imagine, for the whole night, where he and his friends gather. Treats, all at the expense of the company, can you imagine? .. True, the husbands did not let the other girls go, dear, but would you mind if I go? You will let me go? I won't drink with them, maybe a little. The boss promised to give me a good steam with a broom, it's good for health, right? I will behave well, I haven’t been in a sauna for a hundred years, and new acquaintances are always interesting, I’ll take a steam bath and go home. No, I already played enough dogs today, stop it. Kitty, well, agree, everything is everything, silence is a sign of consent, thank you, I love you.
It's been a pretty bad day.


Вы здесь » Форум » Тестовый форум » Title